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‘What’s on my mind’, A-Z edition, represents all that its young author is passionate about. Through a collection of twenty-six poems and activities, she explores the nuances of her curiosity and thoughts. The book is a blank canvas for Jiya's emotions and beliefs and a material representation of her journey of transformation, self-discovery, and greater awareness. This book isn’t about her mind and its thoughts alone- it is about what she believes goes through every human’s mind at some point in time.This book will inspire readers to do some soul searching of their own as they ask themselves the most reflective and introspective questions. 


As syllables and ideas enter the reader’s mind, it will be as if a mirror has been held in front of them, helping them understand the impact their views can have.The book’s interactive activities and profound rhetorics will help its reader’s navigate their own identity and place in the world, while stirring in them an awareness about their pressing social and emotional needs. ‘What's on my mind’ is sure to give its audience some food, or rather words, for thought.



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Jiya Gupta, is a 17-year-old artist and academic who studies in Mumbai’s Cathedral and John Connon School.


Literally, her name means ‘heart’ and there can be no better way to describe how she thinks! Striving to strike a balance between her brain’s rationality and her heart’s sensitivity, this book represents all that she is passionate about. An aspiring psychologist, art activist, and Bharatanatyam dancer, she sees the world around her through a psychological and sociological lens. As a visionary and dynamic dreamer, Jiya hopes to cultivate in her readers the ability to ask ‘those important questions’.



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The India Saga

Article featured my trysts with writing, art, and psychology with my community. 

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Daily Hunt

Author interview elaborated my journey, and experiences of publishing my book.

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Words flow into emotions, and emotions weave themselves into introspective thoughts

"By speaking about ‘whats n her mind’, Jiya has truly redefined these 26 letters for me and her community. Right from A-Z, this book sets itself apart from other poetry and activity books. I strongly urge everyone to ‘go back to their ABC’s’ through this book. They are in for a treat!” 

—  Criticspace

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